This beautiful old tree caught my eye whilst wandering through the bush at dusk.
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Dawn Jensen
4/19/2012 19:34:29

The website is great Paul. I am so glad that the world can now see your work.

Stephen Bayley
5/15/2012 18:04:34

I looked at the whole site. I was beyond impressed. It not only welled up so many emotions as I felt like I was there in Thailand seeing all these amazing places but the work you do with a paint brush is also so unique. I swear one day I’ll own a piece of your work or commission you to do some for me. This was also a great trip down memory lane of a great friendship. Well done Paul. I don’t need to wish you luck. Your long overdue success is just around the corner.

5/27/2012 09:28:55

A fantastic array of stunning images colour so intense that you feel you are there with the beautiful detail like no other work i have seen before,this man Paul Pettersson should be famous world wide.

Sue butler
6/24/2012 10:11:37

Paul pettersson your artist talent is amazing if your ever giving art lessons I would be interested so far love everything you have done


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